Digital Marketing

In today’s modern age of Digital revolution, it becomes evident to stay in touch with the latest technological updates all the time. On the verge of connecting with the growing technological era, Mobile Message have arrived as the fastest way to convey the necessary information from few groups to several members.

Ashmi Advertising emerged as the leading Digital Services provider that delivers out-of-the-box digital services with fastest speed and that too at reasonable rates. We do offer customized digital services that provides an effective mode of reaping sound base for message marketing and to reach the prospective clients or getting in touch with the existing ones.

What we offer?

We offer Many types of Digital Marketing services to our esteemed customers. They are:

  • Bulk sms Promotion
  • E-brochure by Bulk SMS,
  • Voice sms Promotion
  • Virtual Number

Our specialties:

We are running a Digital Marketing company that offers the following special services:

  • We own a specialized team that possesses expertise in creating responsive and effective messages.
  • We offer the specialized Digital Marketing services that helps in analyzing the progress and return processed on your service platform.
  • We manage to set up a digital Advertising gateway in your system and handle it with our staff, leaving you behind with complete focus on your core business without worrying about handling digital marketing work anymore.
  • We carry computerized db base covering various categories.
  • We offer specific digital advertising system designed to target specialized group of customers.

Whom we serve?

We offer Digital Marketing to a large number of organizations that include:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Marriage Gardens
  • Hotels
  • Transport agencies
  • Online Services Provider

Features of Digital Marketing:

  • Send Your Wishes & Promo by your Brand name
  • Make your Contact Group Easily
  • Promote Message in all languages
  • Promote Message in all Countries
  • Quick view reports
  • Instant delivery
  • Cost Cutting Vendors as per best experience
  • HTTP API Available for your transnational company activity.

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