Hire A Dedicated Advertising Manager

What is a Advertising Manager?

A Dedicated Advertising Manager is someone who plans and directs the promotional and advertising campaigns of companies in order to generate interest in a product or service. They work with art directors, sales agents, and financial staff members in order to develop and execute these campaigns, and will often act as liaisons between agencies and clients.

What does a Advertising Manager do?

A Advertising Manager will typically do the following:

  • Work with department heads or staff to discuss topics such as contracts, selection of advertising media, or products to be advertised
  • Gather and organize information to plan advertising campaigns
  • Plan the advertising, including which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online, and billboards
  • Negotiate advertising contracts
  • Inspect layouts, which are sketches or plans for an advertisement
  • Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings
  • Develop pricing strategies for products to be marketed, balancing the goals of a firm with customer satisfaction
  • Meet with clients to provide marketing or technical advice
  • Direct the hiring of advertising, promotions, and marketing staff and oversee their daily activities
We offer you Dedicated Advertising Manager

We know how important your time is and as a Priority service, we designate a DEDICATED Advertising MANAGER to address all your Advertisement and Business needs on Salary Basis. He or she will always be just a phone call away. If you Required a Dedicated Advertising Manager for you brand. Hire a Advertising Manager on salary Basis with advertising Estimate. because we have best advertising team since 10 years. For Hiring, To download our package Quotation.

Our specialties:

We are running a Advertising company Since 2007 and we offers the following special services:

  • We carry Billions of database covering various categories such as business numbers, personal numbers, city-wise number collection and many.
  • We own a specialized team that possesses expertise in creating responsive and effective messages & Designs.
  • We offer the specialized Digital Marketing services that helps in analyzing the progress and return processed on your service platform.
  • We manage to set up a digital Advertising gateway in your system and handle it with our staff, leaving you behind with complete focus on your core business without worrying about handling digital marketing work anymore.
  • We offer specific advertising system designed to target specialized group of customers.
  • We offer specific Print & TV Advertising system designed to target specialized group of customers.
  • And We Guaranteed your company single person not give you total Service in this salary  or market.

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